Connected Learning and Student Progress

Our mission is to develop an easy-to-use educational software to school districts so they can aid students who need assistance in achieving academic success. Our software will provide teachers with the capability to enhance students learning experience in and out of the classroom. We exist to make a product that contributes to learning opportunities for students. CLASP Learning is truly innovative because we want to help the teachers, rather than to replace them. We want to provide the teachers an opportunity to connect with and improve students learning.

Our Platform

The CLASP Platform contains several features, each one unique and solves a different pain-point of the education system. Our software revolves around a flexible core that unique features can be built off of. Each feature solves a unique problem while providing simple tools.


Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows students to be connected to their teacher anywhere, and can be used in a variety of applications such as after school tutoring, homebound students, and snow days. Live Streaming is only one way, so that provides an additional level of security where it is harder for the platform to be abused. Many students are unable to stay after school to get needed help or tutoring from teachers.


AgendaBook aims to replace typical unused planner books that schools have traditionally given to students to organize assignment due dates. Paper planners, or agendas, have been traditionally been distributed to students in a school at hopes of higher organization. Our research shows that only 1/10 students end up using the paper agendas, resulting in a high level of disorganization in students, and a lot of wasted money for the schools. AgendaBook is a to-do-list organization that allows teachers to enter the assignments that are due for their class. Additionally, students can enter in their own tasks in a class on top of the teachers’. Teachers will be able to track the students that have seen the task, and students who have marked the task as done.


Phones Down

Phones Down aims to solve Bring Your Own Device, or B.Y.O.D. related distractions. Many students own personal devices such as a mobile phone or tablet, and as a result many schools have created policies allowing students to use their own devices for educational use in the classroom. Students have a hard time staying off personal devices during instruction, leading to a large distraction for teachers that impedes student learning and achievement. Schools have tried and failed at various strategies to reduce BYOD distractions such as outright banning personal devices, creating dedicated cubbies, verbal warnings, and more. Phones Down is unique because it provides a way for accountability to occur while the student can still keep the phone near them. The app will utilize a smartphone’s or tablet’s proximity sensor to detect when the phone is facing the desk and not in use while the app is open. Teachers will then be able to view the amount of time students in their class are off their devices and can use that data to plan rewards, punishments, or parent conferences.

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